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Los Angeles Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Sex Crime Charges? The Experience Is Traumatic. Let’s get to work defending you

We Get Charges Reduced Or Eliminated.
15+ Years of Experience in Sex Crime Charges.

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What’s at stake?

A sex crimes charge is enough to dramatically change your life. It can affect your family, career, and future. That’s why you not only need an experienced defense attorney but one who specializes in handling sex crime charges. 

  • Engaging in/soliciting prostitution 
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape 
  • Sexual battery 
  • Child pornography 
  • Engaging in/soliciting lewd conduct in public
  • Failing to register
  • Lewd acts with a child 

Most of these charges are considered felony offenses and come with jail time and serious consequences for your future. That’s why it’s very important to have the right strategy for your defense in court. Contact Cyrus Tabibnia today to discuss the details of your case, and how he can fight for your future. 

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About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

Having worked for the prosecutor’s office early in his career, Cyrus Tabibnia understands how the other side works. He has successfully defended hundreds of clients accused of various sex crimes and helped them remove the stress and shame that comes with such charges.

Cyrus Tabibna understands the needs of all his clients and knows the legal system. His experience has allowed him to understand the “big picture” when it comes to representing his clients and achieving the best possible outcome for those clients. Don’t let one mistake or false accusation lead to unwanted consequences. 


Our Work
Felony Pimping and Pandering of a Minor – Case Dismissed

People v. MF (Los Angeles Superior Court, CCB Division)

Our client was charged with felony pimping and pandering of a minor, a very serious felony. He was facing eight (8) years in state prison and lifetime sex registration. However, our investigation revealed that law enforcement had made a number of mistakes and had entrapped our client, which often happens in these types of cases. Also, the facts of the case did not support the prosecution’s theory. For example, our client had a respectable, good paying job and had no financial hardship nor any experience “pimping”; why would he risk his freedom and name to pimp out a minor for a few hundred dollars? It did not make sense.

Ultimately, our investigation of the case and cross examination of a detective in court severely weakened the government’s case against our client. Soon after, the prosecution agreed to lower the charges to solicitation of prostitution and to dismiss all charges once our client had completed an 8 hour AIDS awareness diversion program. Our client was quite happy; he went from facing prison time and sex registration to having the charges against him dismissed entirely.  


John P. - 30y old

I was charged with felony pimping and pandering a minor [Penal Code 266(b)(1)]. I was facing years in prison and lifetime sex registration.

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I had never been charged with a crime before. I was scared, and felt alone and ashamed. I thought I would lose everything. Even though I knew I was innocent of the charges, several attorneys I talked to told me I would “probably” do some prison time and that registering as a sex offender was “likely.” Other attorneys told me the opposite: they promised me the moon if I only signed with them and gave them my money.    

But when I was introduced to Cyrus Tabibnia, he seemed genuine, aggressive and capable. He patiently listened to my story without interrupting and gave me a thorough explanation of what I could expect in court. He didn’t promise me any miracles, but also explained his strategy to attack some of the weaknesses he saw in their case. He made me feel comfortable and I immediately signed with his firm.

I have to admit, based upon what other attorneys had told me, I was only hoping to avoid prison time. But, Cyrus and his firm impressed me at every turn. At the preliminary hearing, his aggressive cross-examination of the detective completely undermined the prosecution’s case. Ultimately, the charge against me was lowered to the much less serious allegation of solicitation of prostitution and later the entire case against me was completely dismissed after I did a short education program. No jail or prison. No sex registration. And no criminal record. I was shocked and thrilled. Since then, I refer all of my friends to Cyrus for their legal needs. Highly recommended!

Kris - 45y old
I actually had two cases that I needed help with. Not only did Cyrus win BOTH of them for me, but he did it in tremendous fashion and ease.
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I can not emphasize enough how great of an experience it was to get these cases of mine out of the way.  Not only did he do so, but he also helped me to stay calm throughout the process, and insured me to remain confident in his abilities, he was right! You are awesome Cyrus and thank you again sir.

Miriam - 40y old
What can I say about this wonderful attorney. When I was in a need of a great attorney I pray to god to lead me to the right attorney that is going to help me out to fight my case.
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God heard my prayers and he lead me to Cyrus I knew and I believe and I have  faith on him. Because god knows who is the right person that is going to defend us. He will make justice and he did.. He will fight for you……. I have so much faith that if any one is lost of choosing the right lawyer for yourself. I recommend him he is the best so you can stop searching and hired him.
Jose - 36y old
I was charged with child abuse last year. I was very scared and confused. I didn’t think I did anything wrong. 
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Then one of my friends recommended Mr. Cyrus Tabibnia to be my attorney. I have to admit I did not want to hire an attorney because my money situation was not good and I did not trust attorneys. But when me and my wife visited him we felt very comfortable. Mr. Tabibnia was very knowledgable and wise and knew what he was doing. He explained everything to me and my wife. He even offered a payment plan. So we decided to hire his law firm.

During the case Mr. Tabibnia was always available to talk to me and my wife. And later he was able to get the case against me dropped. Hiring Mr. Tabibnia was one of the best decisions I ever make. I recommend him.

Please note: we value the privacy of all our clients. Therefore, names have been changed to protect our past clients.

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