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An Aggressive, Experienced and Caring Lawyer

I went to Mr. Tabibnia because I had been arrested and was facing prosecution for a DUI charge. Because I had never been charged with a crime before, I was very worried about my future. Mr. Tabibnia was very patient and took time to explain the criminal system to me. He did a great deal to put me at ease. More importantly, I found him aggressive, highly competent and very caring. Ultimately, he was able to get my DUI charge reduced to the less serious offense of reckless driving, which I was not expecting. I was extremely happy with the results and quite grateful to the Tabibnia Law Firm. I highly recommend Mr. Tabibnia, and his firm.

Edwin M.

A Relentless, Thorough and Very Savvy Attorney

After being charged with a misdemeanor crime of drunk driving, I was referred to the Tabibnia Law firm through a graduate school friend. I had never been charged with a crime before, so I was very upset, and scared. But Mr. Tabibnia went out of his way to explain the process to me, and always made himself available for my questions and concerns. Throughout the process, he was relentless and persistent in advocating for my rights. In fact, 2 months after the case began, I initially considered pleading guilty to an offer that the District Attorney had made. But Mr. Tabibnia suggested that I wait, because the offer was not fair enough, and that he could negotiate something more reasonable for me. He didn’t have to do that, because he’d already dedicated far more work than he had been paid for. But he was so committed, and ultimately obtained the plea offer he was pushing for. I was soooo pleased with the results. I would honestly recommend the Tabibnia Law Firm again, in a heart beat!

Tiffany. Z

A Smart, Hardworking and Honest Lawyer

When my 67 year-old father was arrested for felony hit and run, my family and I were devastated. We are immigrants to this country and didn’t understand what this would mean for him, or us. But Mr. Tabibnia was so patient; he sat with my father and explained everything to him. When, in the middle of the case, my father became very ill, Mr. Tabibnia was there for my family, even visiting my dad in the hospital. During this hard time, when all our money was being used to care for my father, Mr. Tabibnia never once asked us about money or sent us an invoice. Most importantly, his persistence and legal knowledge got my father’s case dismissed! I cannot recommend this law firm enough.

Cesar C.

Hard-charging and Committed Attorney

In early 2014, I was charged with felony drug possession and probation violation. My public defender told me that my case was hopeless and that I should accept an offer of 36 months in California state prison. I was despondent because I had young children and really felt that the punishment did not fit my crime. I had heard about The Tabibnia Law Firm through a friend and decided to retain him in the middle of my case. To my surprise, Mr. Tabibnia was much more committed to my case than I could have ever hoped. He fought relentlessly and gathered evidence and testimonials on my behalf, and went beyond anything I could have expected. In the end, I got a much, much better plea deal than the initial 36-month offer I had been given just months before. Hiring The Tabibnia Law Firm was really one of the best decisions that I have ever made for myself.

Dorothy K.