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Are you currently facing criminal charges for child endangerment in Los Angeles? Do you feel like you have been wrongly accused by a dissatisfied spouse or parent? Do you strongly believe that your actions as a parent were completely justified? 

If you or someone you know is facing child endangerment allegations, it is essential to seek legal counsel from an attorney experienced in handling such cases promptly. Cyrus Tabibnia, with more than 18 years of expertise in various criminal matters, including child endangerment, domestic violence cases in Los Angeles and homicide cases, can provide the guidance you need. He can get false allegations dismissed. 

To initiate your defense, please contact Cyrus today at (866) 713-2159. Your initial consultation is offered at no cost, so don’t hesitate to take the first step in safeguarding your rights and future.

Hire A Criminal Lawyer After A Child Endangerment Charge

Child endangerment, as defined under California Penal Code Section 273a PC, is a criminal offense that many may not realize falls under the category of domestic violence. While child abuse is widely recognized as a serious criminal offense, child endangerment involves negligently placing a child in a dangerous situation and can lead to felony crime charges.

Facing criminal charges can have serious consequences for both you and your family, potentially even leading to the loss of your parental rights. To avoid arrest warrant, or other consequences, it is advisable to seek the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will thoroughly assess your case, identify potential defense strategies, and provide you with a clear understanding of your legal rights. Time is of the essence in such situations, as the state may take swift action if it suspects that a child is at risk. Therefore, it’s crucial to take prompt action in securing legal representation.

What is Child Endangerment in California

Child endangerment, in the legal context, refers to any act or omission that places a child in a situation where their physical or emotional health is at risk. This can include cases of child neglect, child abuse, exposure to dangerous environments, or any conduct that endangers a child’s safety. California has strict laws in place to protect children from harm, and being accused of child endangerment can have serious consequences.

As a parent, you have a lot of freedom in making choices for your child, such as where they go, who they spend time with, and what they eat. You also have the authority to decide how to discipline your child. However, it’s important to remember that there are legal and ethical boundaries to this authority. If your actions put your child at risk of physical or emotional harm, you could face legal consequences for child endangerment.

Examples of conduct that could potentially be considered criminal negligence or child endangerment might include:

  • Allowing your child to spend time with an individual known for harming animals and children.
  • Operating a hazardous drug manufacturing facility within the residence shared with your children.
  • Storing loaded and unsecured firearms within a household inhabited by children.
  • Permitting a known and dangerous domestic abuser to reside in the same dwelling as your children.
  • Leaving a child alone in a car, especially in extreme weather conditions, can be considered child endangerment.
  • Operating a vehicle while intoxicated or impaired, especially with a minor in the car, is often considered both criminally negligent and an act of child endangerment.
  • Not providing adequate food, shelter, or medical care for a child could be considered criminally negligent in some jurisdictions.
  • Actions that go beyond reasonable discipline and result in physical harm to a child may be considered criminally negligent and could also constitute child abuse.
  • Failing to use or improperly using safety equipment like car seats, seat belts, or life jackets when required could be considered acts of criminal negligence.

California Penal Code 273A PC

In Los Angeles, Penal Code 273A PC is a section of California’s criminal law that pertains to child endangerment. This statute makes it illegal to willfully cause or permit a child to suffer unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, or to willfully cause or permit a child to be placed in a situation where the child’s health is endangered. The law is designed to protect minors from harm or potential harm, and violations can result in serious criminal penalties.

Key Elements

  • The act must be done willfully, meaning the person acted on purpose or willingly.
  • he law specifies that the pain or mental suffering must be “unjustifiable,” meaning it cannot be explained away as a reasonable or necessary action.
  • The statute also covers situations where a child is placed in conditions or circumstances that could endanger their health.

Criminal Penalties For Child Endangerment

The penalties for child endangerment cases can vary depending on the severity of the offense and whether you are charged with misdemeanor crimes or felony.

  • Misdemeanor Child Endangerment: Up to one year in county jail in Los Angeles County and/or a fine of up to $1,000.
  • Felony Child Endangerment: Up to six years in state prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000

If you’re charged with child endangerment in Los Angeles, the legal consequences can go beyond just jail time or fines, whether it’s classified as a misdemeanor or a felony. You might also face additional restrictions and requirements, such as:

  • A protective order that prevents you from contacting the victim or your family.
  • Mandatory participation in a treatment program for child abusers, or other types of counseling.
  • Official rules that require you to avoid using drugs or alcohol.

These additional measures aim to protect the child and potentially rehabilitate the offender.

Collateral Consequences

In addition to the direct legal penalties like jail time or fines, a conviction for child endangerment carries a range of non-criminal, collateral consequences. These additional repercussions are not part of the formal punishment for the child endangerment crime but arise as a result of having a criminal conviction on your record. These social and civil consequences can include:

  • A conviction could negatively impact child custody arrangements, potentially limiting or eliminating your custodial rights.
  • Many employers conduct background checks, and a conviction for child endangerment could make it difficult to secure employment, especially in fields that involve working with children or vulnerable populations.
  • If you hold a professional license (e.g., medical, legal, educational), a conviction could lead to disciplinary action, including the suspension or revocation of your license.
  • For non-citizens, a conviction could have severe immigration consequences, including deportation or ineligibility for naturalization.
  • The social ramifications can also be significant, as a conviction could lead to ostracization or damaged relationships within your community.
  • Having a criminal record can have long-lasting effects, affecting your ability to secure housing, loans, or educational opportunities.
  • A conviction may also lead to restraining orders being placed against you, limiting your interactions with your own children or other minors.

Defenses in Child Endangerment Cases

Common defenses in child endangerment case may include:

  • If the act was not done willfully, it may serve as a defense.
  • If the conduct can be justified as reasonable or necessary, it may not be considered a violation.
  • Sometimes individuals are falsely accused of child endangerment, and proving the falsity of the claim can serve as a defense.

If you witness a child being abused and don’t take action, you could face criminal charges under the child endangerment case. It’s important to consult with a qualified attorney as the legal landscape is complex and the stakes are high.

Speak With A Los Angeles Child Endangerment Lawyer Today

A child endangerment accusation can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. A Los Angeles child endangerment lawyer can be your advocate, your guide, and your defender. With the right legal representation, you can work towards safeguarding your child’s future and navigating the legal challenges ahead.

If you’re facing child endangerment allegations in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney at Tabibnia Law Firm who can provide you with the legal guidance and support you need during this difficult time. Call at (866) 713-2159

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