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If you are looking to clean up your criminal record or an expungement for DUI, Domestic Violence expungement, sex crime or any other crime, contact Los Angeles expungement attorney Cyrus Tabibnia from Tabibnia Law Firm who has handled hundreds of expungements in different areas of Los Angeles county.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, a single mistake can leave a lasting mark on your record, affecting your employment prospects, housing applications, and even your peace of mind. Many people who have been convicted of crimes fear that the conviction will remain on their record throughout life. However, with the help of an experienced Los Angeles expungement attorney, many people who have been convicted can get their records cleared. Cyrus Tabibnia has been helping thousands of clients to regain their freedom and move forward with confidence.

With a deep understanding of California law and a track record of success, he has the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the complex expungement process and achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. Whether you’re seeking to expunge a misdemeanor or felony conviction, reduce a felony to a misdemeanor, or seal your juvenile record, he is here to help. Contact him today to schedule a consultation and let us help you put your past behind you and move towards a brighter future.

What is Expungement?

To expunge something is to remove or erase it completely. The term “expungement” refers to a court process that destroys or seals a criminal conviction from federal and state records. In juvenile court cases, this is commonly seen. It also applies to adults who want a clean record. If granted by a court, an expungement order will require the court to consider any criminal conviction as if it never happened. This allows defendants to request that the court seal their criminal record so that it will no longer be visible or accessible via public records.

In order to get a conviction expunged from one’s record, it must be ordered by the judge who presided over the original trial. Expungements and pardons are two distinct legal remedies that can be used to clear an individual’s criminal record. While both can be used to remove the conviction from an individual’s record, they differ in how they are granted and their legal effects. Pardons are granted by public officials, such as state governors or the President, and do not require the conviction to be removed from an individual’s criminal record. Instead, they are a form of forgiveness, indicating that the individual has been rehabilitated and is no longer considered a threat to society.

Pardons do not erase the conviction, but they may help to mitigate the consequences of having a criminal record, such as difficulty finding employment or housing. On the other hand, expungements are a legal process that actually removes the conviction from an individual’s criminal record. In order to qualify for an expungement, the individual must typically meet certain eligibility requirements, such as completing their sentence and demonstrating that they have been rehabilitated. Expungements are intended to clear an individual’s record and allow them to move on with their lives without the burden of a criminal conviction.

It is crucial to hire an attorney who has experience in this field, as there are a variety of laws that dictate the types of charges that are eligible for expungement and who can have these convictions removed from their record. Since it is vital to ensure one’s livelihood by maintaining a clean record, the Los Angeles expungement lawyer at Tabibnia Law Firm focus on clients’ interests and seek solutions that provide for the best future.

Who Is Eligible for Expungement in California?

In the state of California, not everyone who has been convicted of a crime is eligible for expungement. According to the California penal code, expungement is only an option for defendants in non-incarceration cases who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor and successfully completed all the requirements of their probation.
There are certain circumstances in which an individual may not be eligible for expungement, including:

  • Convictions for serious sex offenses against minors
  • Individuals who have served time in state prison, whether as part of their original sentence or due to violating probation.
  • Individuals currently serving time for another crime.
  • Individuals currently on probation for any crime.
  • Individuals currently charged with a crime.

It is important to note that these are general guidelines and eligibility for expungement may depend on the specific details of an individual’s case. It is always advisable to consult with a qualified attorney to determine if you are eligible for expungement.

Why Should I Hire an Expungement Lawyer From Tabibnia Law Firm?

There are several reasons why it is beneficial to hire an expungement lawyer if you are seeking to have your criminal record expunged.

  • First and foremost, an experienced expungement lawyer Cyrus has a thorough understanding of the legal process and requirements for expungement in your state. he will be able to advise you on your eligibility for expungement and help you navigate the process, including gathering and preparing the necessary documentation and representing you in court.
  • Cyrus will also be able to advocate on your behalf and present a strong case for why your criminal record should be expunged. This is particularly important if you are facing opposition from the prosecution or other parties who may be opposed to your expungement.
  • Additionally, he can help you understand the potential consequences of an expungement and advise you on how to best protect your rights and interests throughout the process. he can also assist with any issues that may arise during the expungement process, such as negotiating plea deals or handling appeals.
    Overall, hiring an expungement lawyer can significantly increase your chances of success in obtaining an expungement and help you move on with your life without the burden of a criminal record.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer for Expungement?

The cost of hiring a lawyer for expungement in Los Angeles will depend on a variety of factors, including the complexity of your case, the lawyer’s experience and reputation, and the amount of time and resources that will be required to handle your case.

Does an Expungement Mean That All Records Will Be Erased and Destroyed?

It is important to note that an expungement does not necessarily mean that all records will be erased and destroyed. In most cases, an expungement only applies to certain types of criminal records, such as arrest records or court records. It does not typically apply to records maintained by other agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the Department of Justice (DOJ). Additionally, an expungement does not necessarily erase the conviction entirely. While an expungement can help to remove the stigma of a criminal record and can make it easier for a person to find employment, housing, and other opportunities, it does not necessarily mean that the expunged conviction will not be used against a person in certain circumstances. For example, in some cases, an expunged conviction may still be used for sentencing purposes in the event of a future conviction. If you have any questions or concerns about expungement, you should contact an experienced attorney who can provide guidance and advice.

Important Information to Gather When you Consult an Attorney

There are several important questions to ask when meeting with an attorney to discuss expunging your criminal record. These include:

  • How long will my case take to complete? Each case is unique, so it is important to ask your attorney for an estimated timeline.
  • What are my responsibilities in the expungement process? Your attorney may need you to provide certain information or documentation, so it is important to understand what you will need to do.
  • What will the legal fees be, and what does that include? It is important to know the cost of your attorney’s services and understand exactly what services are included in the fee.
  • Is my case eligible for expungement? It is important to understand the legal basis for expunging your case, so be sure to ask your lawyer about the specific provisions of the law that allow you to petition for expungement.

Asking these questions will help you understand the expungement process, your responsibilities, and the likelihood of success in your case.

At our law firm, Cyrus proudly serves clients in a wide range of areas, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Van Nuys, Glendale, Palmdale City, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Burbank, Monterey County, La Puente City, Ventura County, Encino, Pomona, Manhattan Beach, West Covina, Riverside County, Whittier, Downey, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Norwalk, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Walnut Creek, Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Lancaster, Long Beach, and Westlake Village.

If you’re in need of legal representation in any of these locations, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced attorney is here to help you navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Contact today to schedule a consultation and see how he can assist you.

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    My family had an urgent matter late on a Friday night. Cyrus took our call at 10p, listened to our situation, and answered all our questions. He was thorough in his explanations and addressed our concerns. What we appreciated the most was that he was not pushy and walked us through different approaches for our situation. We have not needed legal representation yet, but with Cyrus’ flexibility, transparency, and straight forwardness, we would highly recommend him.
    14 December 2023
    I had a DUI charge where I was having difficulties having an attorney give me the time of day to hear me about my case. I called different places and finally found Cyrus Tabibnia Law Firm a criminal Defense Attorney. I called him and he promptly returned my call. He sat down with me and listened to me, he understood my situation and gave me the peace of mind that lifted the stress I was going threw off my shoulders. He took control and walked me through everything. He explained the process of what to expect and what to do. Whenever I needed to talk to Cyrus, he made himself available to me. I was happy with the outcome of my case and would definitely recommend anyone to give Cyrus Tabibnia a call if they need a dependable criminal attorney to represent them.
    E T
    E T
    19 November 2023
    I have appreciated working professionally with Mr. Cyrus Tabibnia and his law firm on various cases that will assist his clients.
    Roxanna Rahban
    Roxanna Rahban
    14 November 2023
    Excellent Attorneys AND Customer service. They were patient, kind, and incredibly clear in their communications regarding my case and followed up promptly at each step of the process. I felt seen, heard and valued as a client and highly recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for kindness, professionalism and great results.
    Alexandra Sophia Marsalis
    Alexandra Sophia Marsalis
    14 November 2023
    Dedicated Attorney I have had the privilege of knowing attorney Cyrus Tabibnia since 2010, when he used to be a dedicated Board member at our local Bar Association in Los Angeles. He has always been respected by his colleagues for his legal contribution to the members of the Bar Association. While interacting with him professionally, I have found him to be a man of integrity, a competent counsel and zealous advocate for his clients in a variety of civil and criminal cases. Despite his busy professional schedule, Cyrus adheres to his family values and keeps his precious friendship with the rest of us. I am honored to call Cyrus a colleague and endorse him for the services that he offers to the public.
    Zaher Fallahi
    Zaher Fallahi
    14 November 2023
    I consulted Cyrus Tabibnia on a civil legal matter / tenant matter and he provided very helpful legal guidance. He's quite knowledgeable and experienced, as well as professional and genuinely concerned. I highly recommend Tabibnia law firm.
    shay khan
    shay khan
    28 September 2023
    Let’s be real needing a Criminal Defense Attorney is always unexpected and stressful. If the unexpected happens call Cyrus, he is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Grateful we had Cyrus on as a defense Attorney!
    Isaac Lopez
    Isaac Lopez
    18 September 2023
    Several years ago, I was contending with a serious legal issue. Out of the blue, I became aware that a corporation had obtained a large civil money judgment against me, in court, and on a case I was not aware of. When I became apprised of the judgment and the company's efforts to enforce the debt against me, I became angry and concerned. How would this case and judgment affect my financial future? Was there any way to fix this? I approached several other attorneys for assistance, but they all said the same thing: that because the judgment was over a year old (almost 2 years old, actually) it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove the judgment and to re-open the case. Given what other attorneys had told me about my case, I was not hopeful. But I decided to turn to and hire the Tabibnia Law Firm because I was aware of their strong reputation in both civil law matters and criminal defense cases. Mr. Tabibnia went out of his way to fight for me. To my great surprise, he convinced the court to set aside the judgment against me and to re-open the case. And months after getting the case re-opened, I was astonished when he then got the case completely dismissed! So, I went from having a large money judgment against me to getting the judgment removed and case dismissed in a matter of months. Throughout the process, I found Mr. Tabibnia to be honest, aggressive, competent and extremely fair with his fees. Most importantly, he kept me informed throughout the case. I cannot recommend the Tabibnia Law Firm highly enough.
    Arian T
    Arian T
    27 August 2023
    Hello Mr. Attorney Shahruz Tabibnia. I Wanna To Say All People..!! Mr. Attorney Shahruz Tabibnia Is Amazing Profecianal Attorney With High Knowledge.!! Mr. Shahruz Tabibnia Is Very Honest And Espricual Attorney.!! I Had Very Hard Case In The Court But Mr. Shahruz Tabibnia With His Knowledge And His High Experience Helped Me To Become Winner My Case In The Court.!! I'm Really Appriciated Mr. Shahruz Tabibnia. Thank You For Help Me To Winner My Case.!! I Look Forward To Work With You . Best Regards. Mike P.
    Mike Panadar
    Mike Panadar
    24 July 2023
    I had the pleasure of working with the Cyrus at Tabibnia Law on my case and I could not have been more pleased with the results. From the start, he gave my case the time and attention it deserved and showed a deep understanding and knowledge of the law. He provided clear guidance through the entire process and was always available to answer questions and provide legal advice. He really went the extra mile to make sure I got the best possible outcome and was extremely understanding and patient, always taking the time to explain the details and nuances of the law to me. I am very grateful for his expertise and the care they took in my case and it was definitely worth every penny. I highly recommend his services and would not hesitate to use him again in the future. Tabibnia Law is truly a top-notch law firm and I am so thankful to have worked with them.
    F V
    F V
    15 March 2023